Chapter History

The Westminster Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, was organized in March 1985 to provide increased access to the organization for individuals in Carroll County, MD who were interested in joining.

The chapter was the vision of Dr. Cecil Massie, who wanted to become a member of SAR. First, his wife, Virginia, who was herself a member and the secretary of the William Winchester Chater of the Daughters of the American Revolution, supported him in this goal. She wrote to the the National Headquarters of SAR for information, followed by contacting Mr. George E. DeLawter of the Colonel Nicholas Ruxton Moore Chapter (serving Baltimore County, MD), Maryland Society of SAR. He assisted in providing information, checking Dr. Massie's application and sponsoring him for membership in the Col. Nicholas Ruxton Moore Chapter.

After a few years, the move for a separate chapter began. Wilson K. Barnes, Jr., the President of the State Society, along with L. E. Keilman (State Society Secretary), James S. Clements (State Society Organizing Secretary) and Dr. Charles H. Williams (National Trustee) met with Dr. and Mrs. Massie and made preliminary plans for an organizing meeting. Ideas and encouragement for organizing the chapter also came from Mrs. Paul Royer Shipley (Registrar, William Winchester Chapter, DAR), Robert Caples and other members of the Col. Nicholas Ruxton Moore Chapter, SAR.

Cockey's Tavern in Westminster, MD was chosen for the organizational meeting. The Tavern was established about the time of the American Revolution and so held historical significance to the initial meeting. Also invited were the members of the William Winchester Chapter, DAR. Leaders from various Carroll County agencies and organizations were also invited to participate.

On 9 March 1985, the Maryland Society, SAR, held an organizing meeting luncheon for the Westminster Chapter. The Westminster Chapter comprised SAR members in the Westminster area and those SAR members with dual membership in the Col. Nicholas Ruxton Moore Chapter; in all, 22 names appeared on the application for charter. Also participating in the organization meeting were Dr. J. King B. E. Seegar, Sr (Surgeon General, National Society, SAR), Dr. William B. Adams (Chaplain, Maryland Society, SAR), Dr. Charles H. Williams (National Trustee) and other members of the Board of Managers, as well as the Color Guard of the Maryland Society, SAR.

Maryland State Society President Wilson King Barnes, Jr. gave an address and conducted the swearing in ceremony for the organizing Officers of the new chapter: Dr. Cecil Massie (President), William Wakefield (Secretary-Treasurer) and Carlton Steiner (Registrar).

While the chapter is still young, it has kept a regular series of events occurring anually. Among the projects actively supported are: JROTC award, Thomas K. Knight Essay Contest, Flag Certification awards. Members of the Society march in the annual Memorial Day Parade in Westminster, and Dr. Cecil Massie is the host for the annual Chicken Barbeque in August and Christmas part in December, both held at Dr. Massie's home. Chapter meetings are traditionally in months that have a fifth Tuesday or Wednesday, and occur on that date.

With our chapter's twenti-fifth anniversary in 2010, our website added the goal to include a visual record of our chapter's history. Check our Event Archives page regularly to see how we're progressing with a year-by-year record.

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