Chapter Bylaws

In 2014, the chapter began efforts to draft its first set of Bylaws. Up to this time, the chapter had relied on Roberts Rules of Order, but events involving elections and other activities, as well as references in Roberts Rules of Order to the use of Bylaws in different situations, led to the conclusion that Bylaws would be critical to the future of the chapter. Relying on Maryland standard bylaw templates for non-profits and reviewing the existing Bylaws of other SAR chapters in Maryland, then-Vice President Engler drafted up a set of Bylaws for the chapter. These were reviewed by the officers and the Maryland Society SAR Chancellor before submitting to the chapter for comment. Following the comment period, the Bylaws were submitted for a final vote at the Spring 2015 meeting of the chapter and were passed.

The Bylaws were updated again at the Spring 2019 meeting follwing a period for comment. The changes made brought the chapter in line with new additions to the Maryland SAR Bylaws on chpater present term limits, restricted to four consecutive terms, with the understanding that there would be a year's grace for chapter's implementing the term limits for those who were already chapter president for several years. These Bylaws can be found here.

This page last updated 23 MAR 2019